Artistic Solutions For Your Business

Once you’ve made a decision to move forward with the development of an Internet presence for your business you will need to decide the who and how to get the job done.

While there are lots of website templates available they lack the “wow factor” you will need to get potential clients to stop and browse a while. JEG DESIGN INC offers a unique and stylistic approach to website design, logo development, ad layout and more.

A website with that one-of-a-kind artistic style can captivate a casual browser and hold their attention long enough for you to convey your marketing message. What’s more this imaginative approach is a common thread that can be woven throughout all your marketing tools.

Jonathan Gicewicz is the primary creative force at JEG DESIGN INC and has become well-known for his distinctive and truly artistic design work. His creative process is equal parts innate talent, intuition and mystery.  Add to that a strong foundation of fine arts study at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont, and you’ve got a designer who stands on a firm foundation in providing you the very best in website design, logo development and ad layout.

Call JEG DESIGN INC today to discuss what creative and artistic marketing solutions are available to promote your business enterprise and get you on your way to the WOW Factor!

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