We provide professional graphic & web design for any size business. From custom design to search engine optimization services & website hosting. We are your one-stop-shop. Read the testimonials for yourself below!

Pratico's Landscaping & Fencing

"Working with Jonathan Gicewicz at J.E.G. Design, Inc. has been an absolute pleasure. Our business website was in need of an upgrade and JEG delivered. Jonathan simplified the process and paid great attention to detail. His professionalism was second to none. It turned out to be everything I wanted and then some. If you are new to internet or are looking to upgrade your current website, I would highly recommend J.E.G. Design, Inc."

r.k. Miles

"Jonathan Gicewicz at J.E.G. Design, Inc. applied his analytical and creative expertise when we wanted to redesign our website. Our biggest challenge was to have each of our four unique locations represented equally, but separately under the umbrella of one site. His thoughtful and thorough design addressed all our needs while making our site easy to navigate for all users. He is extremely responsive in assisting us with updates and provides us with insight on the latest trends and tools for reaching out to our customers."

Moving Gardens, LLC

"The response to my website was immediate and incredibly positive - comments about the design, color, ease of navigation and overall simplicity were the most significant. J.E.G. Design, Inc. was also responsible for the design of my logo which elicited rave reviews. Within a few days of the website's launch, I received three inquiries which have developed into three substantial projects. The simplicity of the site is the standout feature!"

Steve & Lauren Bryant

"We've just completed our 4th web site with Jonathan Gicewicz at J.E.G. Design, Inc., obviously, we're thrilled with the results. Jon is exceptionally creative and easy to work with when the time comes to implement all the ideas. He's very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond with post web site tutorials and training."

Vermont Alpine Racing Association

"Jonathan Gicewicz at J.E.G. Design, Inc. was fantastic to work with, receptive, creative, innovative and highly professional. The site created for VARA added a level of professionalism to our association."

United Way of Rutland County

"Thank you for creating a beautiful website that is inviting and easy to navigate and easy to update. We certainly appreciate your time and expertise on behalf of United Way of Rutland County, you went above and beyond for us and it shows!"

Waffle Cabin

"Quick and responsive to our companies needs, Jonathan Gicewicz at J.E.G. Design, Inc. has proven to be a consummate professional whom we've come to rely on. Whether it be for print design or developing our web presence or just general advice JEG is our go-to guy!"

Rob Stubbins Electrical

"After deciding that we needed to have a website to bring further exposure for our business, we contacted Jonathan Gicewicz at J.E.G. Design, Inc. to build it. JEG blended what we wanted on the site with his knack for designing artwork and layouts that look pleasing to customers, and the result was outstanding. Since putting up the website, we have increased sales by a wide margin, and have received many compliments on how good it looks. We have since used JEG for all of our design work, from vehicle graphics to business cards, and he has helped us build a professional looking brand to aid us in selling our business to potential customers. He has also responded quickly and efficiently to requests for new artwork as well as questions and changes. If you are looking for a great return on investment, outstanding customer service, and new ways to build your business, I would highly recommend you hire JEG to get it done, he certainly has for us."

Brian Hart Campaign

"I am grateful to have found Jonathan at J.E.G. Design, Inc. He provided excellent designs and work product. His level of responsiveness and client service was exceptional. And he was a pleasure to work with. I am incredibly happy with the designs and strongly recommend J.E.G. Design, Inc. to others."

RSVP & The Volunteer Center

"It has been more than a decade since I discovered J.E.G. Design, Inc.. Jonathan not only designed and launched our original website but he completely upgraded and redesigned it about two years ago, patiently listening to my requests for change and offering his expert advice to make those suggestions a reality. I am not one to make referrals to other professionals unless I am 100% certain that they will be not only be satisfied but over the top thrilled! And JEG has never disappointed. I have made referrals to local, state and national entities and not one, I repeat, not one, has ever been dissatisfied. A remarkable achievement. Jonathan is not only a creative genius when it comes to web design but he also delivers outstanding, reliable customer service which is so rare these days. From the moment you start to work with Jonathan Gicewicz at J.E.G. Design, Inc. at the consultation level through the development, launch and support phases he is top notch. If you want to ask me any questions about our experience with JEG, I would be happy to share. It is one of the smartest business decisions I have ever made and if others want to enjoy that sensation of a decision well made, by all means, hire Jonathan Gicewicz at J.E.G. Design, Inc!"

"Jonathan Gicewicz at J.E.G. Design, Inc. is fabulous at not only the designing aspects of web development, but also the people aspect. Anytime there is a glitch in the system the help and follow-up are fast and efficient. I recommend Jonathan Gicewicz at J.E.G. Design, Inc. to anyone who needs help designing and implementing a website."

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