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Work Stress, Life Stress and Owning My Own Business

You would think owning your own business would be simple and freeing, and in the beginning it might have felt that way for me.

You would think owning your own business would be simple and freeing, and in the beginning it might have felt that way for me. My the times have changed! Coming off the best year (2013) JEG has ever had, I am riding high. But along with success comes the silent killer we talk about and feel more then we should, stress.

The last two months have been more stressful then any I can recall in JEG history. The dreaded WordPress hacks over the last 5-6 days, family health struggles and my own personal internal struggles, and I am looking to turn things around. For the better! I am taking a step back and letting things go, so to speak. Trying to "do it all, all the time" is just not possible any longer. Time to separate myself from the constant maddness. STRESS.

I love my business, I love my job, I love to design, I love to make clients happy giving them exactly what they want and expect for the hard earned money they pay. Due to a constant, extremely heavy work load, my projects have been taking much, much longer then the "JEG NORM" and that bothers me. STRESS.

Over the past year I have been challenged over and over on many levels and I still come out on top, but not without the STRESS.

When JEG Design started back in 1999-2001 it was a "side gig" I did while working 9-5ers to pay the bills. It all started at Green Mountain College, but that's for another day. When I took the plunge and left my full-time job I was scared. Little did I know how it would transpire. I became incorporated in 2003 and it began.

In the past, years ago now, I recall having "free" time to do what ever I wanted. I can wake up when ever I want. If I didn't feel like working, so be it, I declared it a "JEG HOLIDAY". It was great. Golf on Monday or Tuesday morning, no problem. Take the afternoon off to golf, sure. Golf 7 days a week, YUP! Life is good. Traveling to see music without worry. Care-free and loving my new found freedom and being a business owner too. No more boss, no more being 15 min late to work and hearnig about it. No more hour lunch break then back to the grind. No more going to work and leaving when it's dark. (It still makes me smile writing this...)

Now, fast forward to 2013, 4 employees and 450+ clients later... it now feels like a job. It feels like a daily grind. I normally only play golf on the weekends now, MAYBE sneak in 9 mid-week. The ol' saying "it never ends" is my daily curse followed by a few f-bombs and other lingo depending on what "fire" I need to put out as soon as I wake up. I work almost every day of the week now. Sunday is the best day, little to no distrsactions accept the Golf Channel on in the background. A much needed day to design and get some quality work done. Why can't every day be Sunday! (That my friends, is my new goal!)

What I have realized is that I need to go back to my roots. When I first started JEG. I am not getting any younger. Stress will always be a part of my daily routine, but it doesn't have to be. I pride myself on replying to e-mails, any day of the week, within minutes, but it's gonna have to wait now. I answer my phone any time of day or any day of the week, but it's gonna have to wait now (new biz line is now 802.747.7035). I reply to e-mails all week long as soon as they come in because I feel the need to have my inbox empty, but it's gonna have to wait now. I get easily distracted from projects I am working on because of all these smaller projects I need to complete, it's gonna have to wait now. I do not need to be GO, GO, GO any longer and I won't. I need to enjoy the freedom that my business has given me and not let it run me! IT'S ALL GONNA HAVE TO WAIT, but not too long :)

Like my mother always says, everything is in God's hands. I am starting to understand her and believe her. I just want to make sure that I can benefit from JEG as much as JEG has benefited from me.

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