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Facebook Is A Waste Of Time

Facebook is a major waste of time. There I said it.

We all know facebook is a major waste of time and energy, even though it has it's benefits.

The amount of time some people spend on Facebook on a daily basis is amazing. Some days I find myself doing the same and other days I need to step away. Today (and this week) feels like a day I need to step away. I still want to maintain my business Facebook page, but taking some time away from all the person updates, baseball talk, daily vacation updates, personal saga updates, ranting and raving sounds good to me!

Time to set it aside for the week and get some real work done. Imagine the amount of work you can get done and the money one could possibly make when not seeing what the person in the next room is doing and reading about it on Facebook!

We'll see how it goes this week. I have removed the APP from my iPhone so this "checking in" from the bed sheets won't be an option for the week and maybe from here on I feel great already and it's only been 15 min!

Serenity Now!!!

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